He / Him Pronoun Pack



Wear your pronouns with PRIDE!!! Encourage people to break the binary and not assume a person’s gender with this empowering pronoun pack! Great for trans folks, non-binary people, and allies.

We believe if we make stating our pronouns part of our daily discourse and introductions we can create a safer, more inclusive environment for all people.

*10% of proceeds will be donated to Trans Lifeline

Each pack includes:
An enamel pronoun pin.
A "Hello My Pronouns Are" sticker
A “Break the Binary” sticker proudly representing the trans flag colors
A “My pronouns aren’t preferred, they’re mandatory” sticker
20 “Hey friend, you misgendered me” cards. Keep these on you to gently remind service workers, family members, or acquaintances that there are alternatives to gendered language.
An “ask me about my pronouns” button to get the conversation started